II. Institute for Theoretical Physics

Seminars of the String Theory group

String theory seminar (Winter semester 13/14)

Seminar organizers: Robert Richter and Fabian Rühle

The seminar usually takes place on Thursday at 14:15-15:30 in Seminar Room 2 (building 2a) on the DESY campus in Hamburg. For the current schedule see the INDICO website.

Colloquium of the ZMP
This is a joint, biweekly colloquium with the Faculty of Mathematics. It takes place (alternating if possible) at DESY and the Geomatikum, Thursdays at 4:15 pm. The homepage of the colloquium is here.
Seminar Quantum Physics and Geometry
This joint seminar with the Faculty of Mathematics takes place on the same day as the Colloquium of the ZMP, Thursdays at two o'clock. The homepage of the seminar is here.
Other Seminars

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