Astroparticle Physics Group


Our group is working on theoretical and phenomenological problems at the intersection of particle physics and astrophysics. This includes the role of weakly interacting particles like neutrinos in supernova explosions and in the early Universe, signatures of dark matter in radio signals, gamma rays, neutrinos or charged cosmic rays, but also the origin and propagation of charged cosmic rays up to the highest observed energies around 1020 eV, as well as the production of secondary neutrinos and gamma rays. For this reason part of our group participates in the Pierre Auger Observatory. Moreover, we are interested in connections of astroparticle physics with gravitational wave astronomy or with particle physics at colliders like the LHC.

List of Topics

Particle Interactions and Applications to Neutrino and Nuclear Astrophysics, and Cosmology
  • Particle Interactions in Dense Matter, Quantum Kinetic Theory, and Applications to Astrophysics and Cosmology

Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
  • Overview: Production Scenarios, Signatures, Experiments
  • Propagation and Average Fluxes
  • Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos
  • Time-Dependent Fluxes and Cosmic Magnetic Fields
  • Propagation in a Strongly Magnetized Local Environment
  • A Probe of Supersymmetry?
  • Neutrino Tests of New Interactions Beyond the Electroweak Scale
  • A general public numerical propagation tool: CRPropa

Magnetohydrodynamics in the Early Universe
  • Cosmological Phase Transitions
  • Cosmological Magnetohydrodynamics

Early Universe Relics
  • Inflation and Reheating
  • Constraining and Detecting Non-Thermal Dark Matter
  • Indirect Signatures of Dark Matter

Gravitational Wave Sources
  • Astrophysical Sources for ground based interferometers
  • Backgrounds for space based detectors