Institute Library

The library of the II. Institute for Theoretical Physics is located on the 4th floor of building 2a. It hosts a collection of almost two thousand books covering all areas of elementary particle theory and neighbouring fields, some dating back as early as to the 19th century. At the same time it serves as a repository of all bachelor, master, diploma, Ph.D. and habilitation theses created at the institute. You are free to make use of it.

You can check online if we have your book by searching the Campus-Katalog, the central catalogue of all university libraries. A search inquiry restricted to our library is done this way.

In order to borrow a book or thesis:

  1. Fill out the library card in the back cover of the book.
  2. Take one of the green plastic envolopes from the pile at the library entrance and insert the library card.
  3. Replace the book on the shelve with the plastic envelope.

Please return the book once you do not need it anymore. Important: Do not forget to put the library card back into the book cover when returning the book. If the next person does not find the library card, we easily loose track of the book. The library relies on trust.

Responsible for the library: Elizabeth Monteiro Duarte
Direct requests for new books to: Zhiguo He

Further Library Resources

To borrow from the DESY library, you need to get a free library card from the librarian there. For the other options you need to be a member of the university library system. Membership is however free for anyone working or studying at the University of Hamburg.

As for electronic journals, on DESY campus there is automatic access to practically every relevant journal through the DESY library subscriptions, see this list of journals. If your journal is not accessible, or if you are outside DESY, you can also try this page of the central university library. Here you can access electronic journals with your university library account.